Labor Neunzehn

Labor Neunzehn is an artist-run project engaged in a cross-disciplinary discourse on time-based-art that involves expanded cinema, modern music, publishing, and the critical reflection in media art, with a specific focus on the migration of these languages between the online and offline domains. As an independent curatorial platform and a non-profit initiative for the production of research projects, exhibitions, performances, workshops, we are committed to the presentation of collaborative outcomes and hybrid formats.

Labor Neunzehn constantly extends own curatorial concepts with the aim of opening up spaces for experimentation and discovery, fostering bottom-up community building, as well as endorsing interdisciplinary exchange between art practitioners, institutions, and audience in Berlin.


a Paris-Berlin based independent publisher, founded in 2012 by researcher and curator Giuliana Prucca, specializing in contemporary art books and exploring the relationship between texts and images, space and body.
With thoughtful stylistic choices, accurate studies on contents and particular attention to the quality of materials, AVARIE sees books as a space of creation and experimentation that results from a close collaboration with the artist and the graphic designer, at the outskirts of commercial production.
Through a transversal perspective, from photography to cinema to performance to writing, AVARIE intends to deepen the concept of emptiness and show the artistic process as a form of resistance of the body and a trace of (dis)appearance.