A collection of past events — files, books, films by the artists involved in Kamera Series. — aiming at preserving and making them accessible through our website.
Kamera n° 1 w/ Lina Selander

Lina Selander is a Swedish innovative moving image artist. Her films and installations can be read as compositions or thought models and often focus on historic or ideological junctions, where a system or physical place collapses and something new begins to emerge. She examines relationships between memory and perception, photography and film, language and image.


Lina Selander was a guest artist of Kamera Series 2021 from 29 September to 3 October 2021

Kamera n° 2 w/ Pauline Julier

Pauline Julier artist and filmmaker, explores the links that humans create with their environment through stories, rituals, knowledge and images. Her films and installations are composed of elements of diverse origins (documentary, theoretical, fictional) to restitute the complexity of our relationship to the world.


Pauline Julier was a guest artist of Kamera Series 2021 from 20 to 24 October 2021.

Kamera n° 3 w/ Ion Grigorescu

Ion Grigorescu is a central figure of conceptual and performative art in east Europe since the early 70s. He has been working on issues of sexuality, body and politics from both a communistic and capitalist point of view, based on historical changes. He is the author of photographic series, drawings, paintings and collages, as well performances recorded on film, which concentrate on ritualized actions around his body and go beyond art, leading into a private and personal life.

Kamera n° 4 w/ Maria Iorio and Raphaël Cuomo

Maria Iorio and Raphaël Cuomo are an artist duo based in Geneva and Berlin. Investigating the conditions under which dominant historical narratives are produced and can be challenged, their hybrid cinematic forms manifest unheard voices, disregarded collective experiences, resistant subjectivities. neglected memories are revived and new knowledges come to light, shared through performative archival practice, translation processes and the aesthetical and political dimensions of listening.


Maria and Raphaël were guest artists of Kamera Series 2021 from 17 February to 22 February 2022

Kamera n° 5 w/ Louise Crawford and Stéphan Guéneau

Louise Crawford and Stéphan Guéneau are a franco-british duo. Their practice examines how personal and collective history and memory is represented by shifting between the realities they observe (using film, photography and other media) and the archival material they appropriate. This sampling and staging of the past to decode the present exposes at times the hidden processes of production, creating a visual database; factual, fragmentary and non-exhaustive.


Louise and Stéphan were guest artists of Kamera Series 2022 from 19 September to 24 September 2022

Kamera n° 6 w/ Andrea Dojmi

visual artist and film director. His work is the continuous recording from a stream of consciousness using different media, ranging from sculpture, installation, and painting, to film, photography and publishing. His recurring themes are unity, multiplicity and complex systems, transformation and rebirth, individual crisis and community. His films are a fragmentary narration with a grainy aesthetic pervaded by a constant serenity that at times can reveal tragedy or enlightenment.


Andrea Dojmi was a guest artist of Kamera Series 2022 from 9 December to 15 December 2022

Kamera n° 7 w/ Sergej Vutuc

originally from the former Yugoslavia, he has been engaged in the punk and skateboarding community since the mid 90’s, driven towards DIY ethics and alternative cultures. His work begins by documenting the (over)development of modern society and the privatization of public space and leads into the exploration of image, through photography and photocopy, motion and sound, human happenings such as performances, art book events and exhibitions, or book productions.

Kamera n° 8 w/ Luise Schröder

visual artist working in france and germany. – in her videos, photographs and publications she deals with aspects of “history in the making” from today’s perspective. – she is interested in how cultures of remembrance and commemoration are influenced and formed by political agendas, media and image production and how this affects identities and communities. – she does not regard the past as a self-contained whole, but as something permanently open in direct relation to the present.

Kamera n° 9 w/ Peter Downsbrough

associated with major international art movements such as minimal art, conceptual art, and visual poetry, his work spans across various mediums including sculpture, wall pieces and room pieces, books, work on paper, photography, film, and video. – the work, which has affinities with architecture and typography, explores the traditional use of space and language, while criticizing power structures, e.g. urbanism, that influence social interactions and shape the landscape. – using mostly black and white and a reduced visual vocabulary such as words, lines, and geometric figures, his artistic process offers a reflection on the notions of position, framing, displacement, and interstitial spaces.